Flat Tempered Glass
Kuwaiti Glass Company has used sophisticated technology and hence adopted three flat tempering furnaces. We are now able to temper hard, soft coated, clear float and tinted glass .The tempered glass is nearly five times stronger than the annealed and meets glass impact resistance standards worldwide.
The risk of personal injury is minimized; thanks to the increased strength and safety of the tempered glass. Moreover, when it does break, it fractures into small harmless pieces.

Technical Data

Thickness Range: (5 – 19)
Maximum glass size: 4.2m *2.44m
Glass types: Different kinds of clear, tinted, hard and soft coated glass.

Kuwaiti Glass Applications:

1. Double glazed units.
2. Shower cabins.
3. Table tops.
4. Partitions.
5. Shelves.
6. Shop windows.

Laminated Glass
Laminated glass consists of a tough protective interlayer made of polyvinyl butyl (PVB) bonded together between two sheets of glass under heat and pressure. Annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass can be used to produce laminated glass.

In case of breakage, the interlayer holds the fragments together and continues to provide resistance. In addition, laminated glass offers increased protection from the effects of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and bomb blasts. It is also used to keep away unwanted noise coming from airplanes, heavy machinery and traffic. Airports, museums, sound studios, and schools generally use laminated glass. Displays or merchandise from fading effects of UV Maximum thickness: 80mm Radiation.
Curved Annealed Maximum size: 3.26*2.23m
Ultraviolet screening The (UV) filtering performance of the protective

Technical Data

Interlayer helps protect valuable furnishings,
Flat laminated Maximum Size: 4.2*2.44 m laminated glass
Curved tempered laminated Maximum Size: 4.2*2.44

Structural Glazing
Structural Glazing means that the glass acts as a structural support to the other parts of the building. It lets architects create a complete glass envelope, with facades on any plane. Hence, you can build highly attractive working environments with more light and a greater feeling of space.

1.The structural glazing curtain wall adds more beauty to the building compared to the traditional one. 2.The adhesive sealant that is used is UV proof, hence, it adds more thermal resistance to the whole unit unlike the conventional sealant.
3.Wide variety of single, laminated, and double glazed can be used as a curtain wall providing a complete flexibility in performance as well as appearance.
4. It can combine silk screening and sand blasting glass or decoration.
5. In the early stage before carrying out the project, an accurate study of the wind load and other environmental issue is put into consideration to make sure that everything is heading to the right direction.

Insulating Glass
Kuwaiti Glass Co. insulating glass is composed of two or more of glass sheets separated by an aluminium spacer filled with dehydrated air to ensure freedom from moisture. The spacer bar corners are bent while the unit edges are scaled with polysulphide to ensure strength. Our insulating glass is produced by using the best quality materials and equipment currently available in the glass industry world–wide.

This wide range includes laminated tempered or heat-strengthened glass; employing clear tinted, high performance reflective or low-E glass. Because of added advantages insulating glass is known to be the best window material to meet the Middle East climatic conditions and the best alternative for reducing cooling/heating costs. The glass also prevents external noises from pouring in. Moreover, the low heat loss, the non-misting and the noise reducing properties of the insulating glass make it crucial for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, show rooms, airport buildings, laboratories as well as in commercial and industrial line-ups.

With insulating glass, a wide variety of glass combination is possible to suit the special heat, light or security requirements of a given project.

Stained Glass
Stained glass has been known since the 11th century. Lead was used as the basic outline which held different colored glass into position .But that was 1000 years ago, now, acrylic resins are used on glass by computer to give the stained glass its outstanding look.


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